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“I softly explode like soda / opened underwater.”

April 16, 2012


Those are lines from Jessica Poli’s fantastic poem ’24’, originally published on elimae and making a brief guest appearance on The 24 Project, that superfast pop-up arts journal that everyone’s been tweeting about.

I have been lots of places lately. Not actual, in-the-world places, though I have been in those too. But while my body shuttles back and forth between raised bits of land, all the exciting travel has been done by poems.

  • Two of my poems can now be found in issue eight of Specter magazine. They are about pretending to be the moon and having lots of feelings, and about Norse ghost-doubles and having lots of feelings.
  • I wrote a poem especially for Aesthetix‘s third issue, Household Fires, and they liked it enough to give it a home! It is about powercuts and molecules and, unsurprisingly, fires in the household.
  • Another poem I wrote is in the new Sixth Finch! This is one of my favourite magazines so I am super happy to be part of it. The poem is about small animals and winter and features rifles but is not as upsetting as it sounds.
  • The aforementioned pop-up journal / social media experiment The 24 Project were also kind enough to take one of my poems. It is about wardrobes and teeth colliding and shedding clothes (which makes it sound far sexier than it probably is). It is only there for six more days so check out all the awesome stuff on the site while you still can.
  • Last night I hosted a reading in Stirling! People showed up and listened to the poems and everything. Thanks to Miriam Gamble, Ryan Van Winkle, Billy Letford, Claire Askew and Dave Coates for being great poets and reading great poems and not calling bullshit on my emcee abilities. And thanks to everyone who came along for showing your beautiful faces.

So yes. That is what I have been up to, along with alternately adding and removing schools to my list of prospective MFA applications in varying degrees of panic. I thought I had loads of time and it turns out not so much. It’s scary, but good scary. Much like David Bowie’s acting career. I promise not to go on and on about this. I can’t promise that of either MFAs or David Bowie. I only have so much [which is not much] restraint.

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