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“I’m an owl on the sill in the evening.”

February 14, 2012


This is the closest I will get to affirming the value of love songs today.

But today is a really exciting day. Issue 2.3 of NAP goes live today, and damn is it stuffed with amazingness. Guest editor Gregory Sherl gives us Diana Salier, Andrew Cox, Melissa Broder, KMA Sullivan,  David Greenspan, Rose Hunter among many others including ILK-kind M.G. Martin, Rob MacDonald, Parker Tettleton, Nick Sturm, Thomas Patrick Levy, Caroline Crew and myself. Whew.

Also new to the interwebs is the second issue of UP, a supremely sexy creation that for its sophomore outing ventures into animal love. Often literally. Because Valentine’s isn’t just for humans…apparently.

On top of that, the February issue of PANK appeared yesterday!

I think I need to lie down. The internet is just throwing all kinds of awesome at us this week. I’ve decided we don’t have time for candlelit dinners / chocolates / roses / all that bullshit. So this is the last we’ll say about it. Forget the relationships being rubbed in the world’s face and get on the lit mags. You’ll feel better for it.

Bless you, NAP / UP / PANK. Bless you.

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