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The things I’ve been doing that aren’t nothing

January 20, 2012

So 2012 started, uh, gracefully as expected. On the penultimate day of 2011 Caroline and I had a glorious reunion (no, it really was — there was Springsteen) and danced into the night at a location that is never to be disclosed.

Bravely trudging through the hangover I made it to NYE itself, and was conscious long enough to hear the midnight countdown and then kiss everyone ever.

After that it’s a little hazy. I remember a taxi, and then BOOM. Whole new year. Whole new, um, month? My day-to-day remains mostly unchanged.

What IS new, though, is very exciting. And that is NEW NEW LIT MAGS.

Sixth Finch has a new issue out. And it’s amazeballs. I powered through it a ridiculous speed. Make sure you check out the poems by Donora Hillard, Cate Peebles and Emily Toder especially.

But there’s MORE. As well as the first new PANK of the year (which is always an event), the second issue of Aesthetix went up, early at that! These poems are united under the common title of Arrow, and there is a scary amount of talent here (once again a small child writes poetry better than me).

My runaway favourite from the issue though, has to be Melissa Broder‘s piece. Lord knows I’ve rambled enough about it on social media, but I love it so much I want y’all to read it here and now — check it:


When I saw he’d have to take an overnight boat
to Hades, I knew he couldn’t handle the soot.

I was like Give me a bow right here I’ll shoot
a hole in the ground
  with my feathers all knit up.

It is my gift to help a man pass over
down a black and newly-shot hole.

A hole does seem poor consolation for age
so he always cries out like a bell on a tree.

But men are dirt servants making movements in the dark
and they know the steps of every wormy dance.

In his heart baby monsters beat an old milk pail
singing This is all you get and it is enough.

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