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Poème du jour: Wendy Xu

December 29, 2011

I’ll make no bones about it: I love Wendy Xu‘s poems. A lot. And she has three cracking examples (from The Dream Horse) up at Nicholas Liu’s UNSWEPT, which is very new and very exciting. Xu is in remarkably good company; it’s a stunning first issue and certainly one to keep your eye on. I’m hovering nervously above the submissions link right now.

Wendy (hello if you’re reading this) is almost a poster-girl for debut issues — she popped up recently in Aesthetix‘s inaugural RED CAR IN THE FUTURE issue, and we were grateful to publish her work in the first ILK at the beginning of the month. And no, I’m not just plugging her because of that. I’m plugging her because she’s not only prolific but also a damn fine poet. See for yourselves:



The trouble with loving someone else
is deciding where to put your hands,

at your sides you’re too disengaged
but held up, above your head like an offering

is offensive to anyone looking on.
God doesn’t care about your brief affair.

Today the newspaper says that a man
held his girlfriend hostage for 16 hours

while updating friends on his cell phone.
It’s ok to admit you want an audience.

When someone opens a door for you,
walk through it.


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