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‘Still the blood’ by Lara Williams

March 13, 2011

Here, without much ado, is another gem from Magma 49, this time by Lara Williams. The first line grabbed me while I was (yes, I confess) flipping through the magazine. It’s something of a slow burner but it’ll linger with you, especially if you’ve experienced anything like what Williams is relating. Also, that second line is just fucking sublime:

Still the blood

I slept with a stranger last night and still my blood
is purging tiny moonless explosions, removing
morning from my newly freed rationale. She was
long and bright with strange oval eyes. I’m long
but without her joints and hinges. When she left
she put a pot of coffee on the stove and wrote a note
in a hand I couldn’t read. Such romance for one
who left her briefs under my quilt; built another
bed in which another sleepy conquest woke to the smell
of lamp-lit cotton thighs and burning Arabica beans.
Still the blood, bruised but not broken, watchful
and blind of the dance we performed in front
of my floor length mirror, black sheet tied corner
to corner for fear of uncovering our hard-fingered
touches not fit for honest lovers. I lied when I said
I was ready but you, equally false, answered yes,
you intrigue me. When morning flipped its head
and your pillow was cold I felt the fool, though
the coffee was sweeter with a perfect drop of honey.

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